»You can not be anything but impressed with the energy discharge and quite brilliant radiance which the two actors manage to create. I sat with a profound sense of discomfort when they screamed and felt intimidated when they went close to the audience. I could feel their state of mind of my own body – and it was mega cool! And that’s precisely why you sometimes have to go to the theater instead of the cinema; for acting performance can hit you in a completely different way. I will certainly keep an eye on several pieces with the two actors, who managed to hold me curious through the piece 90 hot minutes«

»Mille Maria Dalsgard and Jonas Littauer play all the roles without stage and costume change and without other instruments on stage than a drum, an electric guitar, a keyboard, a stool and a microphone stand. But what a drama that played out before the eyes of the audience. I was gripped by heart, and here the next day, i ask myself the question, how can two such different civilizations like the Greenland and Danish meet? The show will have five out of six stars – the fifth star is given to Mille Maria Dalsgaard. The play was premiered at the “Teatret ved Sorte Hest”, but come later in the year and in early 2016 on tour in Denmark«

»It is the actors’ emotional outbursts that are blazing desperate. Theatre-wise, they are so far from living realism as you can get it. And they move the audience into the novel sensory explosion. The run actress Mille Maria Dalsgaard mastered the strange art of keeping the face completely neutral or hysterically smiling, no matter what horrors her mouth says. And the sensitive Jonas Littauer follows with appealing softness in its rock singer’s body, while his mouth is working in turbo speed«

»On stage, the two brilliantly talented actors; Mille Maria Dalsgaard and Jonas Littauer. And they catch the audience from the first second. The timing works every time, and it’s a real pleasure to see how they slide in and out of the many roles, how their interaction grows into each other, and the intersection of dialogue, monologue and sharp lyrics are impressive. ‘Smilla’s Sense of Snow’ rips his audience on a dramatic journey through the whole emotional register. It is intense and the story is incredibly sharp. It is a pleasure to see two actors who master the craft so thoroughly that here.«

»I am quite surprised how current is Peter Hoeg’s novel written 1992. Bille August’s film adaptation of 1997 focused on the suspence curve, this theater version on the novel’s polemic messages. “The Dramatic Starting Point”, which last year had great success with their staging of Knud Romer’s ‘Den som blinker er bange for døden’, has staged the book as equal parts punk concert and detective story. It is a good idea. The two actors Mille Maria Dalsgaard and Jonas Littauer slings words out of our heads as fragments of a bitter history that for too long have been silenced. With howling electric guitar, a very angry drums they play at the same time all the roles in the colorful gallery of characters, from full Greenlanders Danish oppressors, policemen, priests and scientists..«