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»THE COCKA HOLA COMPANY is a show for you who wants to be challenged, both in your aesthetic sense and in the way you look at art and the individual’s self-realization. It’s not a show you should see if you expect to feel a lot. And now I do not give stars, hearts or balloons. But I definitely think THE COCKA HOLA COMPANY is worth spending an evening on. Especially for you who love absurd and black stories.«, 27.10.2017

»All the four actors; Christine Gaski, Jonas Littauer, Malte Frid-Nielsen and Marius Bjerre Hansen go full frontal in their dissemination of the messages in the performance. Everything is spoken with words – brand words that describe the course of a porn movie – and they stand in line with housecoats and gold lame, screaming both action and emotions into the faces of the audience. And that particular grip is The Cocka Hola Companys big win. MATIAS FALDBAKKEN’s novel and the Stage of Dramatic Starting point are definitely a showdown with the petty-bourgeois reclamation of art and rebellion, and while one could well stem the performance as an „explicit performance“, it is also an elegant kick in the balls of our neat community off today.«
Casper Koeller, 22.10.2017

»The performance is based on Matias Faldbakkens kultroman of the same name. It is more current than ever before. It has been placed here in the hands of the Polish director Krzysztof Minkowski, whose staging is ingenious. He manages to make us listen to the charmless and unsympathetic characters…This little gem of a performance is hardcore and brutal and a new and liberating critique of today’s society.«, 23.10.2017